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Friday, 6 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 5

SOOOOOO day 5 (i am heaps proud lol) this is my NOTD =) my very first one now i am not normally a nail person buttt for my bday last month i treated myself to a set of acrylic nails =) i saw this nail polish AGES ago and thought the idea of a matte suede nail polish sounded pretty cool =) so once my nails were done i poped down to Big W (the aussie version of walmart but smaller wayyyy smaller and not as cool lol) and picked up the Revlon Matte Suede Nail polish in 933 Emerald City.

about the actual application i personally found this formula hard to work with i had to appy a REALLY thick blob and brush it out quickly as otherwise it dried weird ^^ above was 2nd attempt as you can see the pinkie finger looks weird were i buggered up a little (but i am a lazy sod so yeah lol)

on the colour i LOVE it it looks more amazing in real life i paied around $10 i think and while it WAS hard to work with once i worked out the big blob thing it wasnt so bad =p


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