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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 17

OK sooo this isnt so make up related well in a way it is... taking a leaf out of another bloggers book i wanna talk about something for my Pic of the day this is not to 'preach' or rant but i see this from a lot of people and yeah

Image... wheather we are young... old... slim... heavy... female... male... all races... countries ect we are all driven by how we look.

in the words of the Backstreet Boys 'What Makes you different makes you beautiful'

i work with people i am a nurse, and it breaks my heart to see people think that they arnt good looking enough, skinny enough, their nose isnt straight enough its horrible!!! for YEARS as a teen no matter how HOT or HUMID i wore JUMPERS and JEANS because i didnt like how i looked... until one day i though my friends love me for WHO i am not what i LOOK like.....

so now my chubby figure no longer hides behind clothes 3 sizes to big my guilty pleasure though is make up even today i still am not comfortable showing my face free of make up there is about 14 of my closest friends who have seen me like that so today i am putting my naked face on the internet

i havent got a STICH of makeup on (except for a lip stain (i CANT get it off) this is the real me if posting this photo can change 1 persons life well its worth it =)

Will the Real Channy please stand up... please stand up

Bwahaha random stuffs in background =p see my cool nurse bear my lil sis got me for graduation? lol
no question today =)


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