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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 3

So here we are again today i am going to make confession...

My name is Channy and i am a.... LASH-A-HOLIC!
its true to prove the fact here is the proof in the pudding... or make up storage?

Anddd if i am being truly honest... I actually DONT  think this is all the ones I am sure I had a few more lol.... now to go and hide my shame lol =p

let me know whats your guilty beauty sin?



  1. Lashes are so much fun though! I really like those Ardell Accent ones that you have--they are one of my most used pairs!

    1. i agree i LOVE them =) accent lashs rock my world =) i have only JUST started to get a few ardell and i am deff not dissapointed =) thanks for reading =)