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Saturday, 7 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 6

up to day 6 weeee >_<  nowww i know we alllll love cute dog photos and look out below
now my little sister has a King Charles Cav named Diamond...

i had my mum and sister come over for a visit (in our family its natural to take our pooches EVERYWHERE we go lol) and the dogs were doing their own thing and Diamond came out looking like this 

Mummy dont i look pwitty with my lipstick???
i must had dropped my Shiro Cosmetics innertube sample of Nyan Cat and Diamond wanted her own FOTD...

Needless to say my Nyan cat is no more =(  but thank goodness the ingredients werent toxic to dogs @_@ so my mum helped little Diamond 'pose' for the photo what do you all think for her very first internet FOTD any thing you would have dome differently? lol


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