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Thursday, 5 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 4

soooo this is not a look (i suck i know buttt) i was sorting though my make up and fixing things up (as one does) and as i was placing my eye liners in their spot i wondered how do you guys store yours?

i store mine like this =)

i have a TONNE of eye liners but for the life of me i CANT find them.... hmmmmm maybe my little sister has 'borrowed' them lol off to go hunting =)

tell me how do you guys store your liners?



  1. OMG what is that? haha. I would love to see my liners easier like that. Mine are in a drawer right now, but I am going to transfer them to a pencil cube I think, I can never find the one I want.

  2. hi there =) its a acrilic pen/pencil holder thing i got off ebay =) it is reallt goos to see them the only down fall is that the pencils need to been up to a certen hight to stay in =/ i know what you mean though i am still not very happy with how mine are all stored =(