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Monday, 2 April 2012

90 day challenge - Day 1

Hello all soooo (in keeping my promise about being better blogger) i am participating in a 90 day challenge.

The challenge:

Blog every day for 90 days with a LOTD, EOTD, NOTD, or anything related to beauty on TOP of your regularly scheduled posts. (If you're not a religious blogger, that last part is irrelevant.)

For those not familar with the terms (it took me forrrrevverrr)

LOTD = look of the day (normally a full face photo)
EOTH = Eye of the day (a photo of just eye make up)
NOTD = Nail of the Day (photo of ur nail polish)
so i though this idea was pretty cool and (luckly) had taken a photo of todays make up weeeeee =)

so this is my LOTD using Tick Tock Cosmetics
IES - Black Hole
Awkard Moment
and Sexy time
with Digital as liner =)

Friday i'm in love on the lips


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