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Sunday, 15 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 14

Soooo today i was chatting on one of my Facebook groups and asked a question about a new brush cleaner I purchased... and after i got my answer and was cleaning my brushes (the most BORING JOB=( but it must be done) i was thinking i have a tonne of brushes (and maybe some more coming) and though this would be my post of the day lol

its amazing my brushes tell a story really i STILL have and use one of my VERY first makeup brushes it was a promo thing spend X and get a travel brush set... i was 13-14 at the time i even remeber what i bought lol it was a all in one palette lol anyway i STILL have the eye shadow/Shader brush (still in tip top condition =p) i am 22 now so that is AMAZING!! lol but you didt want my brush life story i can just see HOW my Makeup love/obsession/skills ect have evolved and grown looking at my varous brushes random? yes but who said i was normal lol so these are my brushes =)

Please ignore the Face brushes (they are dirty i couldnt clean them until i got ready for work haha)

Do you have Brush  Lust like me?


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