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Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Review - Manglaze Polish ILF & Mink Mitten

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

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Hey Beautiful People

Lets talk Polish... Well more like MATTE polish if your big into the polish world (or not so much into it) you may or may not have heard about ManGlaze Polish! ManGlaze's slogan is
The Manliest Matte nail polish known to man!

All the colours have clearly got a 'man's' twist on them with colours named Butt Taco and Fattys got more blood but today as the tital mentions we are looking at Mink Mitten and ILF.

The Exert below was taken from the ManGlaze page

ManGlaze® Original Matte Nail Polish is VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE (it is NOT tested on animals), Big 3 Toxin FREE (No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde or Toluene). ManGlaze® is likely made by undocumented extraterrestrial life forms somewhere North of Mexico.
©, ® 2012 ManGlaze INK.
So for all my vegan and cruelty-free concious people you to can use these amazing polishes!!! So lets talk the details hmmm so if you are able to purchase through the ManGlaze web store you can get your polish for $13.13 USD if you buy from Shoppe Eclecticco its going to cost you $18.16 USD. The bottles are all full sized square bottles with 11 ML. 0.37 FL. OZ of product!
The brushes are well put together with nil shedding that I can see  after I did a wipe test (wiping the brushs clean on paper towel). The Polishes them selves are smooth with no 'chemical smell' to them they do require a few layers to become opaque in the swatches below I did 3 coats of each.
This is where I may confuse a few of you while Mink Mitten is a ManGlaze shade it is actually metallic. Where compared to ILF which is much more matte it still dose have a SLIGHT satin finish!
While I do love these shades they staying power isnt fantastic I wore Mink Mitten on my nails with 3 coats and my mani lasted about 1-2 days where as I can normally get 4-5 without any minor chipping. I think if you applied a top coat it would last longer however applying a top coat over a Matte polish... well there isn't much point unless you want a shiny finish in my opinion. If you can purchase from ManGlaze they have some of their own matte topcoats available for purchase.
I cant personally comment on shipping times and TAT as I was gifted these two shades in a Makeup swap I did.
Colour Descripton
ManGlaze Description - Turquoise Matte Nail Polish
My Description - Turqoise with a slight satin finish
Mink Mitten
ManGlaze Description - Metallic Plurpleder Matte Nail Polish
My Description - A Silver Lavender shade with a metallic finish

Overall I enjoy the polishes I am going to try and get my hands on the white one high school nostalgia anyone? I wonder if it will do the 'whiteout on nails look' that was ohhh so trendy in my high school. My biggest issues is that the shades don't last, however I know mattes arnt known for their staying power.

What you YOU like to put on your fingers and toes?


Where To By – ManGlaze webstore
Multi-media links - ManGlaze Facebook

Credit Rating!

Product:  9/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity: 5/10
Application: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5

Final thoughts: The shades are fairly opaque for the level of coverage I preferred it took me 3 coats, the brushes are well put together and the artwork on the bottles is great. The biggest let down was the Longevity as these shades only lasted 1-2 days on. however the overall initial effect was amazing.

Overall Rating:  B


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