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Monday, 15 October 2012

A Review - Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub Samhain

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

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Hey Ya'll

I miss you all!! as you may have guessed this is a scheduled post a quick question before I get into the review would you like me to post some photos from the cruise? I dunno I'll leave it upto you guys =) As the title says today I am reviewing Haus of Gloi (HoG) Soft Bubbling Scrub Samhain, this scrub can in my FIRST ever Haus of Gloi order CRAZY I know, now I wasn't not a stranger to HoG over the last 6 months I made baskets and looked at alll the pretty smelling things then wen i would go to order the POSTAGE was almost half the value of my basket however i relented and ordered a few things from the Autumn collection.

My parcel arrived from the USA in a timely fashion and was well packaged. After doing the smell test I decided that Samhain was my LEAST favourite, now it wasn't because the description was inaccurate or anything IN FACT the description was spot on!

HoG description - Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool spectre ridden wind.
My Description - Fresh Earth and wet leaves after the rain.

The scrub truly smelt like wet rich earth after the rain! it wasn't unpleasant but I wont be re-purchasing as its not a 'me' scent to me it's more of a masculine scent. I purchased a Sample size for $4.00 USD and it came in a 2oz jar (Full size is 6oz for $9.00 USD). From the 2oz jar I averaged about 10 showers as a all over scrub, it isn't a Strong exfoliater but it DOSE have a slight 'scrub' the scent isn't overpowering and stays on the skin for a little while. the scrub left my skin feeling slightly moisturised.  I've added the ingredient list and HoG tips and tricks that they have posted under the description

INGREDIENTS:Organic cane sugar, sucrose (sugar), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, emulsifying wax NF, cetyl alcohol NF, proprietary fragrance blend, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol, activated charcoal, chromium green oxide
• During use, please keep water out of jar for longer life.
• May melt under extreme temperatures. Store in a cool, dry place.
• Good for up to one year if left unopened.
• If irritation occurs, please discontinue use!

Whats for Fave HoG product? leave you comments below =)



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Shipping - world wide however international shipping is expensive! I found it was cheeper to make a big order $40-50 vs a small order under $40 as postage averages out after the $40 mark.


Credit Rating!

Product: 9 /10

Scent: 7/10

Texture: 8/10

Application: 8/10

Packaging: 10/10

Final thoughts: While I DIDNT like the scent I didnt score it low as it was sopt on with its description, the product itself was soft and didnt feel gritty, the packaging was wantatsic it was well presented listed all the information you could want and was waterproof a big bonus.

Overall Rating:  B+