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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Review - Chinovi Cosmetics - Hocus Pocus Collection LE

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

Please Click on the photos to see an enlarged picture =)


Hello Beautiful People
So here is a very quick review on the Chinovi Cosmetics 2012 Halloween collection and YES it is STILL available!! now for a discounted price =) you can pick this baby up for $20USD for the FULL sized collection -----> Here and YES I am enabling you all ;)
So Basically this collection was born from Chinovi Owner Vanessa's love of the movie Hocus Pocus which she has translated rather well into a shadow collection =) 
As with all Chinovi collections the lable reflects the theme for this collection the lable has a cute little christmas tree. When ordering you have 4 options all in USD value ~ Sample bag - $1.00, Clamshell -$1.25, Full Size Jar w/out sifter - $4.75 and Full Size Jar W/ Sifter - $5.00
Sample Bags and Clamshells look to have about 1/4 tsp of product good for quite a few uses. Full Sized jars average around 1.2 g of product. This Collection also has unique labelling =) a nice added touch.
Chinovi also list on each shade whether its lip safe or vegan making it easy to choose select shades depending on your intention of use.
I feel this collection dose capture the essence of the movie and the colours suit perfectly for a Halloween theme however are also versatile enough to be used in everyday looks.
Onto colour descriptions and photos (which is why you are all here i know) =)

Colour Descriptions

Chinovi Description - is a soft pumpkin orange with a slight purple sheen and vibrant purple sparkles.
My Description - A warm pumking colour with a dusting od purple glitter

Witch Sisters
Chinovi Description - is a soft purple base with both green and bold purple highlights. It is also scattered with copper shimmer.
My Description - A lavender purple with copper glitters

Chinovi Description - is a mid tone cool brown with a slight red cast and purple sparkles.
My Description - A rich chocolate brown with a slight bronze shimmer

Chinovi Description - is an inky emerald green with LOADS of blue and purple sparkles.
My Description - A deep emerald with a slight blue lean and blue glitter

Cursed Cat
Chinovi Description - is a blackened midnight grey with green undertones and lots of copper, orange and silver sparkles.
My Description - A Charcoal black with tones of glitter

Virgin Candle
Chinovi Description - is a silver based nude with hints of soft pink and gold throughout.
My Description - A champagne colour with a shimmer of rose gold

Out of these shades my fave is Boooook its a perfect every day look potion is a close second. Virgin candle is the most versatile as it can be use in a wide range of ways eg highlighter, inner corner, lid colour ect

Whats your fave Halloween movie?


Where To By –  Chinovi Cosmetics Storenvy
Multi-media links - Chinovi Cosmetics Facebook

Credit Rating!

Product:  7/10
Pigmentation: 7/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity: 7/10
Application: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5

Final thoughts: I feel the collection is very well rounded and quite pigmented, the shades are quite smooth and don't feel gritty on the eye. There are some very versatile shades also all of the shades in this collection would be fantastic to use in a smokey eye.

Overall Rating:  A-

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