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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Beauty Buzz - 2013 Beauty Trends

Hello Beautiful People

So with 2013 here the question we are all asking is what are going to be the beauty trends for this year?!?!

According to Harpers Bazaar strong full eye brows are totally in this year which it Fab as they make faces appear youthful. It also means that for younger girls the need to start plucking, waxing etc is put off for a little longer (also for us season vets we can get away with slightly longer salon time)

Neutral nails also seem to be a possibility for a big trend in 2013 so far new nail collection are a lot of neutral/pale/pastel colours a lot of photos I have seen very sheer/neutral colours are present. Try placing a light tan or a pale pink on those cute piggies ;)

Pantone announced their colour of the year  for 2013  and its emerald! I am a HUGE green fan so I was very pleased. Green is SUCH a versatile colour it suits so many skin tones/colours etc. I am very fond of using greens on clients even if its very subtle. A quick way to incorporate green into your day to day look (in a wearable way) if your not like me and happy to slather colour over your face use a green eye liner for a pop of colour or as a lower lash colour.

And Finally onto Lips according to MAC browns of all shades from warm to cool shades, hot pinks and reds are going to be big for 2013 sadly the darker colours are taking a back seat in this years predictions. The choice finish for 2013 is Matte so be well armed with lip scrubs and plenty of lip balm to keep your pouts soft and flake free. Me personally I exfoliate every second night and slather a thick layer of lip balm before bed. I also carry a lip balm with me everywhere I go for touch ups.
A cheep DIY lip scrub is to use equal parts of sugar, honey and olive oil blend well and scrub scrub scrub =)

So what do you think of the predicted trends of 2013? anything catch your eye or is there somethings that are really disappointing?


1 comment:

  1. I'm all about the brows, I love that it's coming back. Strong brows and a natural face, ftw!

    As far as nails, I have to have my color. Just have to. lol Everyone else can have those pastels, I loathe them!

    Green is gorgeous! I'm a redhead and I have brown eyes so, bring it on, I've been waiting!!

    I tend to wear browns and nudes on my lips anyway if I'm not just wearing an all out red. I recently bought Sandy B from MAC and I love it. It's more of a skin tone though. I'm either all in with lip color or I'm wearing nudes.

    The nails are the only thing I really dislike. I hate pastels in general though. Polish shadows, blushes, etc. Just icky!