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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tick Tock Cosmetics IESB - Milky Way Primer Vs UDPP Primer

Hey all
Sooo I have been asked a lot about eye primer Vs Bases and what I personally use. Firstly I feel the need to outline the basic difference between eye primer and a coloured base. (NOTE: these are my own opinions your own exp may be different to my own)

Eye Primer – Is a product which places a layer between the eye lid and shadows to help prevent creasing VITAL for people with oily lids (like me) Eye Primer can also boots eye shadow colour.

Coloured Base – are a cream coloured product which ranges from white to black and everything in between, GENERALLY coloured bases will crease if they are worn by themselves (the only expetion would be for people with REALLY dry eyelids) but Coloured bases generally hold up well over a primer.
OK so now that’s all done I PERSONALLY have mega-super oily lids and I NEED primer to live (well at lease look pretty haha) I use Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and THEN put my coloured base on top. But for the sake of this experiment I have UDPP on my LEFT eye only (with Tick Tock Infinity Eye Shadow base in Milky way on top) on my RIGHT eye I have NO primer JUST Tick Tock Infinity Eye Shadow base in Milky way. I have put Tick Tock Cosmetics shadow in Eleventh Hour over both lids (over a thin layer of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy). The rest of my makeup routine was kept the same on BOTH sides.

You will have to excuse the difference in pictures I had to work today and my normal camera is HUGE so I used my little going out camera. PLEASE feel free to click on the pic to enlarge it =)

So this first photo was taken at 9am Saturday 21/7/12 taken with a flash indoors =)

This Pic was taken at 10:00 am as you can see no signs of creasing yet *fist pump*

This Photo was taken at 11:00 Am there is on the NON-primer side a TINY little but of crease on the inner corner but sometimes that happens to me even WITH a primer.

These photo was taken at 1300 (or 1pm) (I was heading to work I’m a nurse) as you can see there is no additional creasing to the inner corner  =) however slight creasing noted in the outter V area =/ (not very noticeable however unless you are looking for it)

Att 1500 (3pm) as you can see there are some slightly more fine creasing happening on the inner corner of the TT:C only side.

1800 (6pm) the UDPP side has stayed relatively the same not many changes at this time, the TT:C side now has more creasing on the inner corner, which is more noticeable becoming patchy in some areas extending towards the middle of the lid, some further creasing in outer V.

2030 (orr 8:30 pm) sooo this isn’t a photo as I was too busy however I did steal a second to look in a mirror so on the UDPP side I can see some MINOR creasing on the TT:C only side I see further inner corner (now larger then my pinkie finger (less than 1cm) and outer V creasing.

OK so LASTTTTT photo this was taken after I finished work at 2230 (10:30pm) as you can see on the Base only side these is a lot of creasing and patchy-ness focusing mainly on the inner corner however it DOES extend though the entire lid compared to the UDPP + TT:C Base which only has minor creasing which you would expect after 13+ hrs.

Soo I was actually REALLY impressed I didn’t think that the Base only eye would actually last as long as it has (due to my redonklusly oily lids) I think that Tick Tock Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky way REALLY stood up well against a ‘brand name’ product over 13 hrs and that was ALL the creaseing (8 hrs before any real creasing occured) I did not touch up or TOUCH my eyes at all I would most DEFF recommend this product to any and all make up lovers =) I will do a similar test with TT:C IESB in Black hole another time =) over all i am SUPER stoaked TT:C stood strong against my oily lids which hate everything so happy u all NEEEED to try it out and it costs less then $5 per jar a BARGING hurry up and get yours


Where To ByTick Tock Cosmetics

the T:TC ladies ship WORLD WIDE i believe it is $4 for postage =)

Credit Rating!
Product: 10/10

Pigmentation: 10/10

Texture: 9/10

Longevity: 8/10

Application: 7/10

Packaging: 9/10 
Final thoughts: This is REALLY 1 of my HOLY grail products the application is smooth and blends effortly though the product works best warmed up slightly so i find (for me) using my finger is better then using a brush. limited product loss as its in a jar, i have had mine ages with nil drying out overall i recommnd this product =)

Overall Rating: A


  1. I use T:TC Base over a primer OR - weird enough - over another base which is less sticky like MAC Paint Pots :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ooo i havent tried over MAC paint pots i may have to give that a go =) thanks for reading =)

  2. I do what Duvessa does.....T:TC base of MAC paint in Untitled and it lasts easily 10+ hours. LOVE the T:TC!

    1. it really is a great base i cannot wait for the nude base =) thanks for reading

  3. I use T:TC over UDPP and it is like shadow concrete during the day!! I also have oily lids. Mine could be called MEGA super duper oily!!! I can't even use NYX without it creasing! The IESB are on my holy grail list too! Black, white, and nude soon too!

    1. i know i cannot wait for the Nude (i have been meaning to do this test for a while finally knuckled down) oily lids are horrible =/ i feel your pain thanks for reading though =)