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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Geek Chic Cosmetics - Wuv Twue Wuv Solid Scent

Hey All,

so I am back today with a mini review =) I got some Geek Chic Cosmetics (GCC for short) mail with some perfumes =) I ordered 3 solid scents and am doing a mini review on each after testing ect =)

Today I bring you Wuv Twue Wuv according to GCC this scent is

This scent evokes visions of springtime and the summer love that follows. Freesias, frangipanis and plumerias sprout from under raspberry roots, breathing the citrus-laden air of melons, cherries, apples and pears.

For me PERSONALLY while I do like this scent I find it is more Melon scented them anything else. it is a nice scent for an everyday use I find I generally get about a good 4 hrs scent time by applying it to my pulse points (wrists, elbows, behind the ears, back of knees) its light and not over powering.

When it comes to packaging it is a solid perfume in a tube which twists up, in my Opinion it’s not a Greasy formula I get no staining on clothing or fabrics. And it great I do not need to apply with my fingers =) NOTE: if left in heated areas (eg pockets, cars ect) the product WILL melt)

Over all I would recommend this Solid scent to anyone after a fun summer fresh scent =)

Nowww the nity grity this scent retails at UDS $3.49 with .07 oz of product i have used min almost every day for 9 days and still have LOADS of product =)

 NOTE: also a bonus GCC is having a mini sale 25% off yay
also in the photos are the other 2 scents =)

And YES they Ship internationally =)

Credit Rating!

Product: 8 /10

Scent: 5/10

Texture: 9/10

Longevity: 6/10

Application: 7/10

Packaging: 9/10

Final thoughts: the only reason the scent score is average is because I can’t REALLY smell the other fragrances (nor can my sister and Boyfriend) however in saying that it is a NICE melon smell, I love how its packaged as I can keep it in my purse and apply as needed no large bottles or pans I need to use my fingers to apply =)

Overall Rating: B+

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