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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Madd Style Cosmetics - swatches

Hey all,

So back again with another review this time its Madd Styles Cosmetics (MSC). I have been a MSC fan for a while now and am here today to review 4 of their newer colours

Disclaimer: all products were purchased with my OWN money all opinions are my own and I am 100% honest.
MSC = Madd Style Cosmetics
MAB - Mad bout Beauty

MSC - CANDY FLOSS is a beautiful shimmery pink with coral undertones.
MAB – CANDY FLOSS – a warm bright shimmery pink, peachy/coral undertone over the White base you it looks more like a solid warm pink. But swatched over black the coral/peach colour really comes through.
MSC - CUDDLEFISH is pretty mauve color with pink and aqua sparkle.

MAB – CUDDLEFISH – a dusky lavender colour with Aqua sparkle over white Cuddlefish takes on a darker purple colour more violet but over the back it takes on a stunning lavender hue it also looks like it has a slight blue duo chrome but that is most likely from the glitter

MSC - SUCKER PUNCH is a vibrant kelly green with green sparkle.
MAB – SUCKER PUNCH – to me appears to be a more dark Kelly green still pretty this colour is very opaque over a white base it becomes a more satin finish while over a black base appears more sheer and ‘sparkly’ as the glitter is more clear

MSC – SOUL DUST is a beautiful light blue with a slight red sheen and red/pink/silver sparkle.
Let your soul glow!

MAB – SOUL DUST – I must say out of the lot Soul Dust is my fave I love how this colour can ‘boggle’ the mind it’s a beautiful sky blue in the jar over a white base the Sky blue is very true looking slightly like a satin finish however swatch over a BLACK base a the red shift pops I cant see any glitter in this but it is most defiantly an amazing duo chrome.

Where To ByMadd Style Cosmetics
Facebook - MSC facebook

Mo Ships World wide  =)

Credit Rating!

Product: 10/10
Pigmentation: 10/10
Texture: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10
Application: 7/10
Packaging: 9/10
Final thoughts: i am a fan of MSC i love their products the customer service is GREAT turnaround and shipping times are extreamly reasonable. i have bought multiple times without any issues i recommend using a primer, base and STICKY base to get the full effect of the loose pigments
Overall Rating:  A


  1. Love sucker punch and cuddlefish! Awesome swatches!

    1. Thanks Leah =) i am LOVING Cuddlefish as well =)