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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cheap OCC lip Tars!!!

Hey all,

just a quick little post to give you all a great scoop, if you head over to
OCC D/C lips tars they have OCC lip Tars going for $8 USD all the old discontinued packaging, thats just over half price!! if you have been on the fence about getting soem i would deff take advantage here.

ALSO they also have some Discontinued colours avaiable =) they ship world wide and accept pay pal BONUS as most of you know i live in Australia and International shipping is VERY reasonable i purchased 4 OCC lip tars and only paid $11 shipping =) i have purchased from them several times and have always been happy with my products hurry before they sell out =)


Did you take advantage? if so what did you get? also whats your FAVE OCC lip tar colour (past or present?)


  1. Replies
    1. not a problem i was like $8 OCC lip tars BARGIN even int shipping is reasonable =)