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Monday, 3 June 2013

Photo Tutorial - Bold colour

Hello Beautiful People

I'm BACK yay and I am here today to share with you a photo tutorial. This is the second photo tutorial I have done so please be kind haha. I used all Tick Tock products for this look so I hope you enjoy I asked my fellow TTC models what I should do for this look and they said BRIGHT so I picked some of my brightest shades

miss you all I am going to work my butt off to get this blog and my youtube channel back in full swing... On to the tutorial.....

(click on the photos to enlarge)

Step 1) gather all your products and tools!

Step 2) Start with a clean eye lid!

Step 3) Prime your eyes I'm using Tick Tock Cosmetics Prime of the times over the whole lid upto the brow bone.

Step 4) Apply a White base I'm using Tick Tock Cosmetics IESB in Milky way up to the crease and blend out.

Step 5) Apply Fryinnae Pixie Epoxy over the whole lid area.

Step  6) Using a flat synthetic brush pat TTC Abby Rose onto the inner 1/3 of your lid.

Step 7) Wipe the Flat brush onto a tissue to take excess colour off apply TTC The Night Bus to the middle 1/3 of lid over lapping Abby Rose slightly.

Step 8) Taking a clean Synthetic brush apply TTC Once in a Blue Moon to outter 1/3 of lid over lapping The Night Bus Slightly . Take a large fluffy brush and gently blend all 3 colours together using a windscreen wiper motion to defuse any harsh lines.

Step 9) Grabbing a blending brush take a little Once in a Blue Moon and blend it into the crease and outter V right down to into the inner crease using the same windscreen wiper motion

Step 10) Grab your favourite highlight colour I'm using MAC Orb shadow and a clean fluffy brush bending Orb onto the brow bone and down slightly defusing Once in a Blue Moon leaving no harsh lines! 

Step 11) Taking the same flat brush apply Once in a Blue Moon to your lower lash line 2/3's of the way in

Step 12) Using a small angled brush apply TTC Pocket Watch to the inner 1/3 of your lower lash line and inner corner

Step 13) Apply black liquid liner and Mascara then taking the Milani liquid eye liner in 04 Aqua to your water line.

Step 14) I added this at the last second haha take TTC Midlife Crisis and using the same blending brush apply it into the crease using the Windscreen wiper motion creating a cut crease effect

ANNNND we are DONE!!

What did you guys think do you enjoy photo tutorial, anything you think I could improve on? let me know in the comments below



  1. Woo! A great tutorial! I can't think of anything you should do differently. Good amount of instructions, the pictures are clear, the format is easy to follow. *thumbs up!*

    1. ahhh dani you have made my day =) so glad I totally count you as one of my photo tute queens =) <3 glad that you liked it I hope to do more of these =)