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Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Review - MUA Baked Trio Eyeshadows - Innocence

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

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Hello Beautiful People

I have a review for you all today I know shock horror right? haha today we are looking at the MUA baked trio shadows in Innocent! I bought this product a while ago and kinda forgot about it. however during a huge de-stash I stumbled across it once more! Baked shadows arnt anything new many brands have been doing them for years however I am always on the look out for budget friendly products as makeup in Australia has a very high price tag.

MUA is a UK based brand they do ship world wide I believe it cost around £7 to ship this and a few other things to Australia (around $13 AUD on par with current international shipping rates) I was send shipping confirmation within 48 hrs and it arrived on my door step about 2 weeks later.

In terms of pricing this trio cost £2.50 ($4.09 AUD) and there is a wide variety of shades available. I chose this particular Trio as the first color looked like a MAC blue brown dupe and you all know I love my MAC. 

In terms of pigmentation I honestly didn't enjoy this trio dry the colours were very sheer (sadly my photo didn't work and its raining here at the moment once its sunny I will snap a pic) but that can sometimes happen with backed shadows! I then swatched using a damp brush and I was blown away the pigmentation is amazing as you can see in swatches below.  Sadly a catch 22 is these weren't easy to blend wet.

These shades once dry lasted a good 8 hrs which is impressive there was SOME minor flaking however but not enough to make a huge impact,

Colour Descriptions

Top Left colour - Sadly once swatched this isn't a dupe for MAC blue brown but it is a gorgeous warm brown with a hint of green duo chrome

Top Right Colour - A cool toned almost taupe shade frost finish

Bottom Colour - A metallic ivory shade

Would I re-purchase? yes  would I love these as lid shades

Question of the day
what's you favourite baked eye shadow colour?



Where To By –
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Credit Rating!

Product: 8/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity: 6/10
Application: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5

Final thoughts: Best used wet, for better pigmentation, however when wet not easily blendable. The shades lasted 8 hrs over a primer with minor flaking. all frost/metallic finishes.

Overall Rating:  B+

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  1. I love MUA and they look so very pigmented!
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