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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Battle of the Primers - De Leon Primer Vs Urban Decay Primer Potion

House Keeping – The De Leon primer was sent to me for consideration this in no way impacts on my personal beliefs and my opinion on this product! 

Please Click on the photos to see an enlarged picture =)

Hey Beautiful People

So as this post title says this is another Indy vs Big Brand eye primer! Today we are looking at an Australian brand De Leon, now the owner of De Leon happens to be in a facebook group with me and as i missed out on the sample that was in some of the 2012 dec Bella Boxes she kindly sent me a sample of the primer and 2 eyeshadow samples which was super nice of her!

As always I like to really trial new products before I give any feedback and this primer has gone through some tough testing here in Australia the temp has been well over 45*c in my home town so I have been sweating up a storm! This Primer has stood up reasonably well against this abominable heat! The De Leon primer is being tested against my holy grail primer Urban Decay Primer potion in original.

For refrence I have VERY oily lids.

Ok Schematics! A full sized primer is 4g of products for $10 AUD and a clamshell sample is $2 AUD shipping varies but it starts at the $3.20 AUD and increases from there.

The  Texture is nice it has a slightly soft waxy feel but its not an unpleasant feeling , the formula applies smoothly with both finger and brush application. It applies very translucent over skin and doesn't pull on application. As with all primers I personally apply them with my fingers, there wasn't any unpleasant residue left after application.

No bases were used under eyeshadow for the purpose of this test. The Eye shadows applied well over the De Leon primer nil tugging or difficulties blending.

Both Sides - freshly applied make up nil creasing

De Leon - Some minor creasing to the inner corner and a slight patch forming in the outter V area
Urban decay - Nil creasing noted

De Leon -  Furthing creasing to the inner corner and into the crease , outer V area has a mod 'bald' spot
Urban Decay - minor creasing to inner corner and come colour lightening to inner 1/3rd of lid

So after around 8 hrs of ware you can see the results the De Leon primer stood up fairly well it WAS a stinker of a day when i did these photos. I find on average i get a good 5-6 hrs wear (slightly longer wear time with a base)

Not quite a wear time as some other primers i have tried however I was impressed with the staying time considering how hot it has been here as of late.

Would I buy again? The Primer no as the wear time isnt GREAT on me I think this would be a good primer for people with dry/normal lids. On my Oily lids it just dosnt QUITE have the staying power However as a company sure would i would love to try out some of the lip colours i have heard some very good things =)

Have you Tried De Leon?


Where To By – De Leon Web store
Multi-media links - De Leon Cosmetics Facebook

Credit Rating!

Product:  7/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity: 5/10
Application: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5

Final thoughts: the texture is smooth with a slight soft waxy texture it applys translucent. A average of around 5-6 ware however if using a base you can get about 7 + hrs wear . The formula is very well blended nil lumps. The primer DID help make the colours pop and appear more vibrant

Overall Rating:  B+

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