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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Review - My Pretty Zombie Su Madre Eyeshadow Trio

Hello Beautiful People

I have some pretty  neutral shadows to show you today =) I purchased the My Pretty Zombie (MPZ) Su Madre collection. The sweet owner of MPZ Andrea centred this collection around 3 very important women her mother, grandmother and great grandmother with the slogan These may not be your mom's browns, but they're mine. The Colours are all a brown based pigments with slight differences in shifts. These colours are not available individually, this Trio are packaged in cute square jars without sifters which totally rocks my world as I am not a big sifter fan.

All jars have 1.5g of product (measured by wt) for all my Vegan readers MPZ DOSE use animal products in her shades however if your and the listings dont specify if they are veagn or non vegan however the owner is very approachable and is always happy to answer any questions. Each listing has an individual ingrediens list the example below is of Doris Irene

mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide,d+c black #2, polyester 3,magnesium myristrate

Lets talk formula the shadows are very smooth  and pigmented as you will see in the swatches below they show up quite well (minus the shift) on bare skin which isnt overly common for many indy shades (on me in my experiance). The formula is very well blended with nil clumping or lumps.

The TAT is well within the stated time for international shipping the average is around 2-3 weeks MPZ's owner always includes a little 'gift' that fits in with her store I love how the shadows had a fake finger holding the bow it was a cute. All items were packaged very securely I cant comment on current shipping prices as international shipping prices have increased in the USA most indys are currently in the process of re-organising shipping costs.

Dolores Ann
MPZ Description - my mom. She just got a half sleeve tattoo and walks around all gangster with her sleeve rolled up. Also thought WTF meant "wednesday thursday friday" - Medium warm red brown shimmer
My Description - A warm brown with a soft to med copper shift

Doris Irene
MPZ Description - my mom's mom. She was "granny" to us and let us sneak sips from her scotch and soda as soon as we could walk. Dark, ashy red brown shimmer
My Description - A medium/dark red brown with a gold shift

Martha Bertha Anna-
MPZ Description - my mom's grandma. She never wore shoes and her first husband may or may not have been a bank robber. Allegedly. - Champagne-y light red brown shimmer
My Description - A  Taupe brown with a champagne shift

Doris Ann and Doris Irene are VERY similar shades but are very pretty my fave in this collection is Martha Bertha Anna it is a very universal colour and can be paired with a wide range of shades. Would I purchase from MPZ again sure, if it wasn't for the cute colours, and smooth formula the customer service is great I highly recommend MPZ.

Whats your Favourite memory of you mother,grandmother, aunt etc



Where To By – My Pretty Zombie Su Madre Trio
Multi-media links - My Pretty Zombie Facebook

Credit Rating!

Product:  9/10
Pigmentation: 10/10
Texture: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10
Application: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5

Final thoughts: The shades are very pigmented and smooth, the no sifter is a bonus for me if its a deal breaker for you you can purchase sifters on various sites like eBay. The square jars make for super easy storage as you can get them to fit snugly. TAT is well within its limits

Overall Rating:  A


  1. I have all three of these and I love them. Love me some MPZ. <3

  2. I have a lot of MPZ, but I haven't grabbed these up yet. I need to, MPZ is one of my favorite indies. And I love the fingers/thumbs that come with! I have two fingers and a thumb now, lol.

    Thank you for swatching over a black base as well, I wish everyone did that.

    1. Hi Jess glad you like the swatches i am in the process of changing them around but i think i am gonna keep the black base in some way =) these shades a beautiful neutrals =)

  3. Oooh the taupe looks very pretty. I adore all the MPZ shades I have. <3