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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blog Sale Nov 2012

Hey Ya'll

I am doing a little blog sale I am running out of room haha so I will Ship internationally I will only accept Paypal payments

Australia - $5.50 + 50 cents each extra item
International - $10.50 + $1.00 cents per extra item (it looks expensive but sadly australia post has jacked up int prices =( which SUCKS!!!)

all items used powder items have been wipped clean with a tissue and all used items have only ever been touched with clean brushes!

keep an eye out for new items being added if you want to buy an item please comment below with your paypal address so i can invoive you

any questions please feel free to email me at

onto the items

Blue hair dye Never used - $ 6.00 AUS

Bed head lip gloss (bronze colour) used 3 times - $3.00 AUS

Bloom Cosmetics duo eye shadow used 2-3 times - $ 4.00 AUS

*SOLD*Sugar Pill Poison Plum used 2x times - $8.00 AUS

Stilla Blush custom colour blush used 7-8 times - $6.00 AUS

Rockaholic - Rock our shine blast  never used - $7.00 AUS

Lush Vanilla powder never used - $7.00 Aus

Ulittle Beauty hair serum never ued - $6.00

MAC mineral Foundation in medium dark used 6-7 times - $20.00 AUS

Rockeresque mineral eye shadows never used $3.50 Each

Rockeresque mineral eye shadows never used $3.50 AUS Each

Rockeresque mineral eye shadows  Nightmare never used $3.50 AUS
other 3 used 1x $ 3.00 AUS

Urban Decay Peacock pallet used 1-2 times max - $11.00 AUS
Urban Decay Skimp never used $5.00 AUS

 Urban Decay Sellout never used $5.00 AUS


  1. Channy!! How old is the Poison Plum? (I ask because it used to be vegan and now it's not and I would *totally* buy yours as a back-up if you've had it for a long time!)

    1. hey Dani i have had this for a while over a year i think but i cant guarantee that it is the Vegan formula though =)

    2. If you can check what date you ordered it (maybe if you still have the email from SP?) that would be cool. I know there is a blog out there from Sept 2011 that still calls it vegan. I emailed Sugarpill this morning to see if they can give me an idea of the switch date. Hold it for me! :)

    3. Hey miss i looekd through all mt emails i havent got one with this i sent SP a email just to see if they can tell me i will hold it untill i hear back from them =)

    4. Thanks for checking! I guess I'm the only one who keeps all of the emails I ever get. Hehe! :)

    5. lol i wount have room to save everything =p

    6. Hey SP emailed me bk apt PP was never vegan 0_o i am sure it was at one stage

    7. That's weiiiiird. But okay, you can stop holding it for me, I guess. :)

      Thanks though!!

      (They didn't email me back at all, so you win! Ha ha!)

    8. I did just email them *again* though saying that I was confused because a friend of mine was just told that it was never vegan. I feel like we're wearing sleuth hats!

    9. no worries chick and i know its weird i am 99% sure they claimed it WAS vegan at one stage call us Mystery Inc ;)

  2. hi how much would the peacock pallet be shipped to the uk ? xx my email is xxx

    1. hi there =) to ship to the UK for the palette + Shipping would be $17.50 Australian =)

    2. if you still interested let me know hun =)