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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Review - Shadow Shields

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

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Hey Ya'll

So I don't know about you guys but when I apply eye colour (particularly with loose pigments) I get TERRIBLE fall out and it ALWAYS seems to be when I am applying a dark crease colour or some super saturated blue! I must add that I do my foundation FIRST before do my eye make up so therein lies my problem!

I have tried EVERYTHING to avoid this Tipping my head back slightly, vigorously tapping my shadow brush to get rid of excess, holding a tissue under my eye... All with poor results for a while I would apply a heavy layer of translucent powder under my eyes and brush it off once my makeup was done and that worked for a while until one day after I did this and took a photo I was left with 2 HUGE white patches under my eyes horribly UNATTRACTIVE!

I was at a loss what to do so I made a coffee and googled and up came my saviour Shadow Shields. Shadow Shields is an American based company, that started with an idea and now is featured in a range of popular magazines! Shadow Shields are now becoming introduced into main stream stores in smaller packs then what I have photographed. However for us international ladies and gents we are left to order on line (which is simple) for a box of 30 it costs $9.99 USD +S&H Shadow Shields ship world wide at a reasonable price and whats even better they accept pay pal!

This ingenious product comes as a half circle with 4 individual areas on the back to un-peel to apply on the face the top 3 are really all you need to remove for application.

The Official Shadow Shields sells the product as a one use item, which would defiantly be correct when using them on a client! However for personal use I can get between 4-6 uses (on both eyes) I unstick the middle part first and once that runs out of stick I remove the backing to ONE of the sides ect...

Shadow Shields are gentle enough to use that they don't pull on the skin OR remove any face make up! the actual 'shield' appears to be a porous fabric (to be honest it reminds me of a dressing we use in the hospital called Hyperfix)

The offical ingredients list -  Polyester nonwoven, acrylic adhesive, silicone coated paper

The Shadow Shield webpage has also mentioned that if you apply the Sheild a little higher and use the edge to help you create a 'wing' handy for those starting out or not confident with a winged eye.

In my opinion these are a great little product, handy to keep in your kit for those painstaking smokey eyes or if you are a little heavy handed with pigment (guilty)

what method do you use to prevent fallout fails?


Where To By – Shadow Shields

Multi-media links - Shadow Shields Facebook

Credit Rating!

Product:  10/10

Texture: 10/10

Application: 10/10

Packaging: 5/5

Final thoughts: I don't know how I loved with out this item its lightweight, handy and (when used for personal use) re-usable to an extent. Gentle on the skin dosnt pull when removing.

Overall Rating:  A++



  1. I keep thinking about getting these every time has a sale, then I don't because I wasn't exactly sure what they were made of, and how big they were, plus now I know there are 3 separate tabs, so you can re-use it on yourself. Now I wish I had. I wish I had seen a review like this before! Next time I will be sure to get them. :-)

    1. i am glad you found my review helpful =) they really are the most amazing products when you get your let me know what you think =)also if u wanted MORE stickyness you can use the 4th tab on the bottom as well ;)