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Friday, 16 November 2012

A Review - Tick Tock Cosmetics Un-released Colours

House Keeping – The Following products were sent to me as part of being a Tick Tock model! all opinions are my own!

Please Click on the photos to see an enlarged picture =)

Hey Ya'll
Black Friday & Cyber Monday are going to be upon us soon (for those who don't know Black Friday is an American holiday known for massive sales the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is when there are a lot of Internet sales) and that means the Indy world will be crazy I have in my hot little hands 2 completely new and unreleased colours from Tick Tock Cosmetics Black Friday/Not Christmas collection called The End of the World (regarding the hype over 2012). I haven't got any pricing yet but will keep you all in the loop and once I get my Hands on the other 3 colours I will review them for ya'll =)
The colours (as always with TTC products) are named around a time theme in the case of this collection there is also a added end of the world twist. As a TTC model I received Doomsday Clock and Mayan Calendar to review/use. Out of the two Mayan Calendar is my favourite, this shade is very easy to incorporate into a range of looks.
Both Colours preformed poorly on bare skin they were quite patchy however over the white and black bases they were both opaque and were not patchy, though BOTH colours preform best over a sticky base such as Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or Madd Style Cosmetics Awsum Sauce.

Doomsday Clock
TTC Description  - A muddy, greenish yellow with green sparkles.
My Description - Almost a chartreuse leaning more yellow with some glitter and a satin finish
Mayan Calendar
TTC Description - A deep, metallic gold
My Description - A metallic Bronze gold
What company (Indy or otherwise) are you stalking for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales?


Where To By – TTC Made in the 80's

Multi-media links - Tick Tock Cosmetics

Product:  8/10

Pigmentation: 8/10

Texture: 9/10

Longevity: 8.5/10

Application: 4/5

Packaging: 5/5

Final thoughts: The colours are pigmented however do need a base (base colour and/or Sticky Base) to preform to their full potential. The Jars all list individual ingredients I dont know if these will be avaible for individual purchase or not.

Overall Rating:  A


  1. Mayan Calendar looks really pretty! I bet it would looked great worked into a brown/gold smokey eye!

    1. I agree =) deff going to be a fast fave i am sure =)

  2. DROOOOOOOLING!! MUST. HAVE. NAO!!! now there's 2 colors i don't own out there in the world.... WHYYYY?! unfair!