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Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Review - Madd Style Cosmetics Glitter Bombs

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

Please Click on the photos to see an enlarged picture
Hey Ya'll
Today we are going to look at one of my all time favourite beauty products.... GLITTER!!! Yep you heard me haha so recently  Madd Style Cosmetics (MSC) released their own web store and a tonne of new products including 9 glitter vials commonly known as Glitter Bombs. These cute glitters are packaged in 1/2 Dram bottles with screw tops (and arrive sealed in a small zip bag, and wrapped in bubble-wrap for proper shipping) these baby's cost $4.50 USD each + S&H.

Now I can almost hear some of you go 'WHAT that's so SMALL' but rest assured I PROMISE there is a BUTT TONNE of glitter packed into that cute Dram. Don't believe me take a look for your self!

This is Gold Digger Glitter decanted into a 3g jar that is FULL to the brim so PLENTY of glitter there =) when you get your vial it MAY look a little less full then the photos but that's just due to the glitter settling if you shake it a little your vial will magically refill it's self (well not really but how cool would that be? never ending glitter!! Now lets be serious for a moment once you get to the swatch pics you'll see that the Dram vials have a small opening which IS to small to get a brush in. You could get a VERY fine liner brush in so you will need a cleanable surface ef plate or palette ect to tap a little out or you could do like I did on the above photo and decant into a small Jar. If you chose the Jar option the SMALLEST you can get to fit it all in is a 3g jar.

As with all MSC stuff 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. Glitter Bombs are 100% cosmetic grade glitter and is safe to use on Eyes, Lips and Face (NOTE this is the LARGEST cut of glitter safe for eye area)
Ingredients: .008 cosmetic grade micro-glitter.

Now to be honest with you all while I WAS excited to get these the vial photos made them appear 1 dimensioned (I SHOULD have known better Forgive me Mo?) however once me and my little swatching brush got onto it the amazing blend of glitters could really be seen =) all Glitters have been swatched on a bare are with Lit Glitter Glue

 OK so lets get onto the phots =) I am trialing some new ways to show my swatches/photographs ect any and all feedback is aprecialted

MSC Description - loose glitter is a bronze glitter with flashes of green, copper, yellow, red, and orange.
My Description -  Bronze Glitter with flashes of Green, gold and orange

MSC Description - loose glitter is a gold lamé glitter with flashes of holographic rainbow glitter.
My Description - Bright gold glitter

MSC Description - loose glitter is a light blue with flashes of green, aqua, blue, and holographic white
My Description - A light frosty blue glitter with holographic glitter (the HARDEST of all the glitters to photograph)

MSC Description - loose glitter is a berry pink glitter with flashes of green, red, silver, hot pink, and aqua
My Description - A Berry red with flashes of Yellow, Hot pink, silver, green, aqua, silver and gold

MSC Description - loose glitter is a metallic pink with flashes of silver and hot pink.
My Description -  A Dusty Pink Colour with flashes of Hot pink, Silver and a hint of gold

MSC Description - loose glitter is a polished silver with flashes of rainbow holographic glitter and blue steel.
My Description - A Bright silver with flashes of rainbow holo and black

MSC Description - is a blend of teal and sea foam green glitters with sparks of aqua, blue, and emerald green.
My Description - A Bright green with Flashes of Teal, Aqua, deep blue and mint green

MSC Description - loose glitter is a deep purple glitter with flashes of royal purple, hop pink, and blue.
My Description - A bright purple with flashes of Hot pink, Deep purple and Blue

MSC Description - loose glitter is a dark blue glitter with flashes of royal blue, silver, aqua, and black
My Descrition - A deep blue glitter with Flashes of Aqua, silver and black

I feel that I was able to capture the glitter colours are true to life =) out of the 9 Glitter Bombs my MUST have acctually suprised me Material Girl and Ice Queen are the most unique I feel out of the collection and are MUST haves. Sea Siren  and Foxy lady are also must haves =) I cant find anything by itself in my glitter stash that are similar if I mixed glitters I most likely could make something similar but why do it when I have these prettys =)

Have you tried any of the MSC glitters? Whats your fave



Where To by - Madd Style Cosmetics Glitter Bombs
Multi-media links - Madd Style Cosmetics Facebook

Product: 10/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Texture: 10/10
Longevity: 7/10
Application: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5

Final thoughts:  Everyone knows I am a Glitter freak! the web site doesn't do these colours Justice the glitters are much more complex then their vial photos show. In terms of packaging if you dont want to tap out some glitter each time you use them I recommend buying some plastic jars or baggies and decanting into them. Overall I love all the glitters they apply best using a glitter base like Lit Glitter Glue ot Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar to really adhear to the lid or area you are placing the glitter.

Overall Rating: A+


  1. Oh man. These swatch photos are giving me glitter fever... O.O

    1. Thanks for reading Beth =) oh the glitters are so freaking amazing Mo has outdone herself here =)