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Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Review - Madd Style Cosmetics Stardust collection

House Keeping – all products below have been purchased with my own money and I am not in any way shape or form getting paid for this review. All opinions are my own!!!

Please Click on the photos to see an enlarged picture =) FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST I HAVE MADE THE PHOTOS SMALL PLEASE CLICK TO ENLARGE!!


Hey All

I'm back YAY ;) OK so i am reviewing the Madd Style Cosmetics (MSC) Stardust Collection this is a Limited Edition Collection Black based collection with Colour morphing glitter and retails at $22.38 Australian so once I got it I quickly swatched them LUCKY the weather was  agreeing that the plain awesomeness that is this collection NEEDED to be seen any who onto the nitty gritty

the MSC owner Mo has described this collection as

This entire collection is based off of Neil Gaiman's novel, Stardust! Each color is black-based and features color-morphing glitter!
Mo has also linked some Video footage of this collection

If you would like to see video-footage of these shadows in action, please visit:

for all my Vegan's out there as with all the other MSC colours this is 100% VEGAN!! bonus =)

this Collection consists of 5 shades with YES COLOUR MORPHING GLITTER!!!! this collection while pretty was a NIGHTMARE to photograph as I am sure any other blogger or person who's used these colour in photographs will tell you... However I feel that I was able to capture the colours fairly well as I mentioned at the start this is a VERY photo heavy entry simply due to the extreme PITA it is to photograph well ;p but the colours are defiantly worth the frustration.

now onto photos and colour descriptions please note all colours have been photographed indoors with flash, outside in the shade and in direct sunlight I found this was the most effective way to capture the colour morph.!
*NOTE - all colours are swatched over a White base, bare skin and a Black base the Circle swatch is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy*

MSC description -  has color-morphing sparkles that change from red to orange to yellow
My Description -  this black based colour took on a purple hue the glitter seemed to morphed more red and orange I didn't see much yellow.

MSC description -  has color-morphing sparkles that change from gold to green to blue.
My Description - the Black base took on a emerald green hue the glitter morphing Green and Gold the most strongly I DID see a blue shift but that didn't seen to photograph well


MSC description -  has color-morphing sparkles that change from indigo to purple to red.
My description - the black base appears like a dark purple hue the glitter morphing well between purple and red in some angles it ALMOST looks like there is Aqua glitter but I think the indigo shift must be a very light indigo and THAT'S what I am seeing.

MSC description - has color-morphing sparkles that change from blue to purple to red.
My description -  the black base took on a indigo hue i can most clearly see the 3 colours morphing in this shade however it doesn't photograph the shift well


MSC description - has color-morphing sparkles that change from blue to red to cyan.
My description - the black base took on a mid tone blue hue, the glitter morphing clearly between the blue and Cyan I don't see much of a red shift.

when I originally saw the collection I fell in love with Travel by Candlelight however once I had them in my hands Across the wall surprised me and quickly became my favourite in the collection. I know a lot of you may not be comfortable with black based shadows so I also turned all 5 shades into liner and swatched them for you so you could see another way to use the collection
*NOTE - the shadows have been mixed with Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar to turn them into liquid liner*

Annnnnd that is all as i mentioned earlier if this collection catches your fancy it is Limited edition and once its gone its gone
whats your favourite colour?
Multi-media links - Madd Style Cosmetics Facebook
Shipping - World Wide shipping =)
Credit Rating!
Product:  9/10
Pigmentation: 8/10
Texture: 9/10
Longevity: 7/10
Application: 6/10
Packaging: 8/10
Final thoughts: this is a great set to help spice up your collection one of my favourite collections from MSC, i rated the application a little lower as for this collection you REALLY need a good sticky base (like Pixie epoxy) in my opinion to really get the full effect of these colours. for a glitter packed collection the set is smooth and easy to blend however I recommend PATTING this collection on and minimal blending or you will loose that pretty glitter.
Overall Rating:   A


  1. Man, I just can't choose between Across the Wall, To Catch a Falling Star, and Gave Her Heart Away. CAN'T PIIIICK!!!! WAH, FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!

    1. haha tell me about it!!! mo made SUCH a great collection!!! i love them ALLLLL >__<

  2. Good job trying to capture the essence of these, Channy!!

    1. Thanks Danielle Oh my goodness were they hard mo did SUCH a good job on them =)