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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tick Tock Cosmetics - A Review

Okies my darlings here is a awaited blog update yes yes I know I suck lol I take so long to update but here it is this is a photo heavy review on Tick Tock Cosmetics some of their new shades check them out here

i apologise in advance  for  some  reason  some of my pictures are turned around i dont know why... i have re-loaded and re-loaded but no changed =(

If you follow my youtube you probably have seen some of my reviews of Tick Tock an my little story if not to sum up I have been a supporter of Tick Tock since the beginning I cannot remember HOW I found them but I am glad I did. I have watched the company grow and evolve its a fantastic thing to see =)

Anywhooo enough of the heavy stuff I KNOW what you all came to see and that is Swatch porn haha

You will have to excuse the light its a funny cloudy day =/

The following swatches are of NEW colours and 2 re-vamped originals and swatched of the bases =)

All swatches are on 3 things

1) Bare skin

2) Milky Way (White) Infinity Eyehadow Base (Tick Tock)

3) Black Hole (Black) Infinity Eyehadow Base (Tick Tock)

Tick Tock Infinity Eyeshadow base in Black Hole and Milky Way and are VEGAN! I am not personally Vegan but DO acknowledge this quality in companys for my vegan readers =)

As you can see from the above photos the base's are true black and white, I DO however find that the Black Hole IEB is smoother and easier to manipulate it FEELS smoother and slightly more tacky.

Thats not to say though that the Milky Way IEB isn’t any good as you will see in my swatches I fine that the white works best if I apply a thin layer wait a few seconds and apply a second layer is I want a really opaque white base.

now onto COLOUR =)

NOTE: all colours look BEST in my opinion over a sticky base such as Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy and/or colour base pending preference

Super Bowel Sunday XLVI

This is a beautiful Brown with Copper shift and is LOADED with pretty sparkles in green, white, and holographic glitters although my camera seems to pick up the Holographic glitter most, though the shade is NOT a glitter bomb.

Tick, Tick, Tick, BOOM!

This colour I originally didnt think that I would like as it looked like it was more of a red-red based purple kinda colour never less I bit the bullet and tired it and am glad I did I have found this colour to swatch like a purple maroon and it is a flattering colour on MOST skin tones. This would be an AMAZING crease colour, the photo reflects the glitter in the shadow as well. While this is NOT my all time fave of the new colours it is a very pretty colour

Time Turner

The name of this colour reminds me so much of Harry potter my little sister is OBSESSED with it haha so my sister has kinda coveted this sample after I swatched it =p
This colour is a beautiful chocolate brown with pretty mulit coloured sparkles. This is deff one of my (and my sisters) fave new colours

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