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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Guess who is a Tick Tock Cosmetics Model?

its ME!! oh my gosh ok so lets rewind a while ago Tiff and Elizabeth the owners of Tick Tock advertised on their page a 'model casting call' basically you emailed them a bunch of photos of make up you had done so i sent in one or two (or 10) and yeah waited patiently.... *read - checking emails every minute* haha.

So anywayyy i was out to lunch with my little sister when my phone happily *bleeped* at me as if to say read me you will be happy, i used my ninja skills and slyfully looked 1 new email from Tick tock with bated breath my finger hovered over the read button did i want to find out lol (see my story is wayyyy cooler than days of our lives) and OPENED it shock horror i KNOW and i had a CONGRATULATIONS email =) i was so excited! my sister looked at me like i was crazier then normal.

and thats my story haha for those who DONT know i have been 'with' Tick Tock since the beginning i was the very FIRST international buyer and yeah (insert shameful self promotion) but i totally reviewed them on my youtube channel..... *cough* look here *cough*

I really didnt expect to become a model but am super excited just wanted to keep ya'll updated =) leave a comment below do YOU have a fave Tick Tock colour and/or model?

Kittens and Rainbows

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