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Monday, 26 September 2011

Lush - Review on Lush Love Lettuce face mask

Now I was a stranger to Lush for the longest time and now its like a familiar old friend the smells soothing and yet at the same time almost overwhelming. I would walk past the Lush store front and window shop so sure that I would not find a thing to be interested in however it all changed one lazy Saturday I walked into the store only as a means to get a little relief from the rain and well I was hooked as I took in all the amazing colours and scents I made my first (and deff not last purchase) a container of Love Lettuce face mask,

I paid around $16 australian for 75g of product, I suffer from oily combination skin so I am very picky about what I put on my face simply for the fear of pimples =(

A few things I do have gripes with is that there is SUCH a short expiration date along with the need for the product needs to be refrigerated... but its a catch 22 situation while the product only has a short shelf life it shows that the product it fresh with nil preservatives.

HOWEVER as you alllllll know I am such a dare devil and used the product past its best before date. In my opinion (and a lush sales rep said in a off the record manner) that as long as the product is refrigerated and has nil mold growing on it or the smell has changed then the product is still OK to use.

On the plus side this product works amazing  my skin was smoother and softer and as a bonus I did NOT break out yayyyyyyyyy pretty skin! =)

To use the product its pretty simple apply about a 3-4 mm application all over your face avoid the eye area wait 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water....

Another side bonus with Lush if you collect 5 black and/or clear pots(anything from masks to treatments)  washed out realllllllyyyy well with lids and take them back to any Lush counter you will receive a free face mask yayyyy for recycling!!!








Overall this product dose as promised my skin felt amazing, it delivered all promises, the short best before date kinda sucks however you can totally use beyond that! I recommend this mask for all you oily combo girls and guys out there =)


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