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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lets get back to Blogging!!!

Hey Beautiful People
So firstly I just want to apologise for the lack of posts I know its not a excuse but I totally lost motivation and drive!!! but I am here to get back into blogging with a passion I have a bunch of new reviews lined up as well as some fun tips, about me's and more coming to a screen near you ;)
I am drawing some quick draw inspiration from random make up challenges I am not doing a every day one just sporatic posts semi beauty/personal I hope you enjoy it

Here is todays question/topic also please feel free to ask questions for me to answer in the comments below =)
"When Did you Start Putting on Makeup"
Well as most girls do I would play in my mum's makeup bag when she was getting ready if I was good she might have put on a 'swipe' of blush or a dab of lippy but I first started using make up (buying and using it myself) when I was about 12-13 years old I started boarding school when I turned 12 (year 8 in Australia) and my boarding school was co-ed year 8 to 12 (Australian school system) so I was surrounded by older girls who would use makeup.
Being in that environment I was exposed to a lot of different styles ect I remember I started to wear a tinted moisturiser (the name escapes me) 2 shadow brush, 1 blush brush  and 1 palette from Australis (a combo blush, powder, mascara, lip gloss, shadows ect) I would go to school with 1 colour shadow on my lids no primer!!! I remember my makeup being all smeared between recess and lunch!!
I remember my teacher would always tell me off in the morning (teacher in bold)
"channy whats school makeup policy"
"ummm no makeup"
"whats on your face"
"*sigh* don't wear it tomorrow!!"
Those were the days ;) Clearly my obsession has grown into a passion I even remember ripping pages out of my dolly and girlfriend magazines with pretty makeup look or tips so I could try and learn them haha I had a huge folder full of them =p
so here is my question  to you all... When did YOU start wearing makeup?


  1. Happy to see a new post from you!!

  2. Thanks cin so happy to be motivated again :)